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Sure signal user guide

Just follow these simple setup instructions to boost your mobile signal in your home or office.

Before you start up, please make sure that you have:

  1. a fixed broadband modem/router with a spare Ethernet port
  2. a list of the Vodafone mobile phone numbers you want to be able to use on your Sure Signal - you can have up to 32 numbers listed
  3. your postcode
  4. your Vodafone 3G mobile phone or device
  5. a nearby mains power socket

Vodafone Sure SignalActivate your Vodafone Sure Signal

To get your Sure Signal up and running you need to register the Vodafone mobile numbers that you want to be able to use with it.

These can be any 3G devices that use a Vodafone SIM card - such as mobile phones or mobile broadband USB modem sticks.

  1. go to and click on Register your Sure Signal

  2. fill in the Vodafone mobile phone numbers and other details as requested

  3. insert the serial number of your Sure Signal - this is an 11 digit number, and can be found on the back of the Sure Signal and the box it came in

  4. when you are all set up we will drop you an email to confirm you are ready to go

  5. now thatyour numbers are activated please open this leaflet to set up the Sure Signal

Quick setup

Just follow these simple steps to boost your indoor 3G signal.

  1. Go to to register the numbers to use with the Sure Signal. Or if you are a Vodafone business customer please go to
  2. Plug the included ethernet cable from the Sure Signal to a spare ethernet port on your fixed broadband router.
  3. Plug the Sure Signal into the mains power supply you will see the power button light turn on.
  4. The Sure Signal will now start its initialisation process. This is fully automated and may takeup to an hour to complete. During this time the 'tick' and '@' lights will blink slowly - when they stay on all the time then the process is complete.
  5. Your Vodafone Sure Signal is now set up and ready for you to use. We recommend that you leave the Sure Signal plugged in at all times to maintain optimum performance.
  6. You should now have full 3G signal strength on your handset. If this doesn't happen please go to

Vodafone Sure Signal

What do the lights mean?

Vodafone Sure Signal