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O2 voicemail setup guide

Getting started

Voicemail 901 is set up and ready to go on all new O2 phones.

If it is has been switched off on your phone for some reason, just dial 1750 free from your mobile to activate it. On activation follow the prompts to personalise your PIN. If you miss any of the prompts the process is to simply dial 901, key * and then 4.

How do I set up a Voicemail PIN

You will automatically be prompted to set your own PIN when dialling 901 for the first time or if your PIN is still set to the default (8705).
To change your PIN at any time dial 901, key * and then 4.

How can I further protect my Voicemail messages

You can arrange to have a PIN prompt everytime you dial your voicemail (even from your mobile). To do this, dial 901, key *, key 4 then 4 again then 2. To turn it off again simply dial 901, enter pin, key * and then 4 and follow the prompts.

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Record your greeting

Let people know they have reached you with your own personal greeting. To record your greeting:

  1. Dial 901 to access your Voicemail,
  2. Key * and then 3

Follow the prompts and record your message. It’s easy to change it if you do not like it.

Check your messages

To retrieve your messages at any time, dial 901 and dial 1760 free from your mobile to turn your Voicemail off.

To Listen to you messages from a landline...

  1. Dial your mobile number
  2. Press * to interrupt the greeting
  3. When prompted enter your mailbox pin number
  4. Key 2 to listen to your messages
  5. This is charged at your standard landline costs (dependant on Service Provider).

If you have not changed your PIN via your O2 mobile phone you will not be able to access your messages from a landline or your mobile.

Message capacity

You can store up to 40 messages or minutes of messages in your mailbox. Each stored message can be up to four minutes long. Messages can be stored for up to 30 days if you are a Pay Monthly customer and up to 17 days if you are a Pre Pay customer.

Get notified by either text or ring back.

There are three ways we can let you know when you have a new message: text message, phone call or the on-screen Voicemail symbol. You can choose the method that suits you best and change it at any time by: dialling 901, keying * for greetings and mailbox settings and then 4 and follow the prompts.

How to set up a security code

Call return

You can call the person who’s left you a message back without exiting Voicemail. Just key 5 during or after their message and we’ll put you through.

Calls are charged at the standard rate.

If you dial 901 from your handset and press 5 for Call Return, your number will be withheld providing you have the ‘withhold number’ facility set up on your handset.

If you dial 141901 and then press 5 for Call Return, your number will be withheld for that call regardless of whether you have the ‘withhold number’ facility set up on your handset.

If you access your 901 mailbox from any phone other than your mobile, then press 5 for Call Return, you will always be given the option of withholding your number, regardless of whether you have the ‘withhold number’ facility set up on your handset.

How much does it cost

If you’re a Pay & Go customer, calls to 901 are always charged at a flat rate of 15p per call.

If you’re a Pay Monthly customer on a Q1 08 tariff or newer, Voicemail access is included in your tariff and the calls aren’t part of your inclusive minutes.
Message forwarding & reply

Please note. This is only available to Post-Pay customers.

You can forward a message that someone has left you directly to another Voicemail 901 user or send a reply directly to the caller’s mailbox by simply keying 7 at the end of the message. You will be asked to attach a note to the message just so the person you are sending it to knows who it is from.

You can also forward messages quickly and easily to more than one person by setting up a distribution list. You can have up to nine distribution lists each with up to 20 numbers in them. To create a distribution list, dial 901 key * and then 6.

Please note. Messages can be sent to any 901 user and are charged at your standard tariff rate for the time spent in 901.

Find out when your messages were received

You can set Voicemail up to tell you the time and date your messages were received by dialling 901, Keying * for greetings and mailbox settings, then 4 and then 2 and follow the prompts.

If you don’t want to set this up for every message, you can still find out the time, date and caller number of specific messages by keying 8 during or after the message.

You only need to press * 11 * if you want to change the length of time your phone rings before it goes to Voicemail. It’s normally set to 30 seconds, but if you prefer, you can amend this to 5 - 25 seconds in increments of five seconds.

O2 voicemail menus

O2 Voicemail Settings and Menu